Our displays are changed on a regular basis and the information collated on the Halifax Bomber Crash at Fitful Head has now been archived.

Our current display is of models of commercial and passenger vehicles, covering the last 70 years or so, and include a few of local interest. Most of the models are from Custodian George Jacobson’s personal collection. The display is enhanced with photos taken by Mr Jacobson which complement the collection.
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Halifax Bomber Crash at Fitful Head

In 2012 we told the story of the Halifax bomber which crashed into Fitful Head in 1942 with the loss of all 7 crew. The photos depicted here are of local men who were caain sheep on Fitful some days after the crash and sadly came across the remains of some of the airmen.
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You can now read all the interesting information we have collated regarding the mission of Halifax R.9438 TL-H of 35 Squadron Linton-on-Ouse, when you come to visit us at the Mill.

Permanent Display

All items donated or loaned for display at the Quendale Mill
A few examples are shown of the many and varied collections on display:

  • Crofters Tools
  • Carpenter's Tools
  • Stonemason's Tools
  • Hand-crafted carts and Wagons
  • Original Dunrossness Baptist Church Pulpit
  • RMS Oceanic Collections
  • Coin and Banknote Collections
  • Quendale Area Clearance. A map of the area showing crofts from where families were evicted to make way for sheep farming in the late 1800's
Agricultural machinery (Mill and Courtyard):
Threshing machines, Reapers, Ploughs, Chaff Cutter, Cake Breaker, Turnip Hasher, Neep (Turnip) machines, Fanners

Hand Crafted Carts:
Made to scale and lovingly finished, this display has been donated to the Quendale Mill collection by Mr Andrew White:Royal Mail Coach; Shetland Tip-Cart; Monmouthshire Waggon; Portuguese Gig; Dray.

Baptist Kirk Pulpit:
Built in 1912 by local voluntary labour under the watchful eye of Rev. W. Fotheringham (Pastor of Dunrossness Baptist Church from 1901 – 1916). During refurbishment of the Kirk the pulpit was rescued from certain destruction by a member of the South Mainland Community History Group who saw it as a valuable addition to the varied collections and displays in the Mill

Permanent Display sample images

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